Selling life insurance effectively

During an economic downturn, selling insurance life is harder than ever. All the world is watching every penny and do not want to spend money unnecessarily. There are ways to sell insurance life effectively, even when times are tough.


  1. It understands that most companies are suffering in the present. Do not think that only life insurance is the most difficult to sell during a recession. The sale of any product is difficult during a recession. Do not you think you get into a different field rather than selling life insurance will make it easier to sell? You must be persistent and expect sales more difficult than during prosperous times.
  2. Qualifies prospects. Try to find prospects who are good candidates for buying life insurance. If you work for a company, they may provide clues to potential customers. If you are working independently, you have to find sales for yourself. Review the life insurance policies that have sold in the past to find similarities between clients. If your insurance policies attracted a certain audience in the past, then try to find prospects with similar criteria.
  3. Trying to address the current needs of potential customers. Is there any way that your life insurance policy can help people now? During a recession, people are thinking about their current financial situation and focus less on the future. You think of ways that can make your life insurance policies meet a current need rather than just a necessity of the future.
  4. Sells packages to reduce costs. Consider selling various insurance together with life insurance policies to reduce the total costs of all policies.
  5. Get the facts right. To sell life insurance effectively, be the expert in life insurance. It provides confidence to customers demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about. Study policies and details in depth before attempting to sell.

Tips & Warnings

  • Selling life insurance requires strong sales skills. Consider taking a professional sales course to strengthen your skills.

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