Office insurance, insurers and policyholders

Insurance is a contract that we cover, by paying a premium, the possibility of a risk or may not occur during the period in which we are covered by the same (usually the annuity).

Then we make for the possibility that, by chance, an event or contingency that generates a need for repair on our goods occurs, especially on the third with whom we interact every day (neighbors, pedestrians, driver’s persons, etc.).

You then enunciate the most frequent questions asked users about insurance, insurers and policyholders.

Generic questions of the insurance contract:

  • How long do I have to notify my insurer that I go with another company?
  • I want to change insurers but the operator tells me that the new insurer will not respect me the bonus was in my previous insurer. Is this legal?

Auto insurance questions:

  • A family has been offered at the dealership insurance free with their new car to want this? Are there any precautions I take you advice?
  • The other day I gave him a chance to mirror a traffic light and I got the hell out of the place. Should I take part if I did not hurt anyone? I fear it will affect my bonus.
  • I have touched very slightly to a car parked on the street; do I have an obligation as an insured driver?
  • I got hit from behind aftermath left me want to fight to the end. Does the lawyer assigned to me is not plead in favor of offering me a small amount. What can I do?

Legal defense and claims:

  • I claimed for my insurance compensation and ombudsman only offers me a maximum limit specified in the contract, what I can do?
  • I have covered the legal defense and other driver is suing me but I want to defend myself a good lawyer I know but my company gives me long. What can I do?
  • I have covered the legal defense and I want to go against a driver who then fled to punch me and that I only remember a few things. Can the insurer refuse this right?

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