Job Description of an insurance agent business lines

Insurance agents sell insurance to individuals, families and businesses. The broker focuses their applications on business and represents policies as general liability, workers compensation and business income.

The main responsibilities

A commercial insurance agent generates sales leads through calls cold, collecting references and advertising. He makes sales calls during which explains the advantages and benefits of different policies and answered questions. This closes sales by asking for the business and working around the objections and negotiate conditions.

Secondary duties

The commercial agent keeps track of customers to provide a service, ask for references, renew policies, makes cross-selling additional policies and collects bills pending. This complete administrative tasks, such as filling out applications, complete sales and expense reports and by documenting the interactions with the customer tasks.

Work environment

The commercial agent working in an office but spends a lot of time in the field making sales and making service calls. This may be able to set their own hours and will probably work 40 hours or more per week.


College graduates with sales experience are favored in this area. Commercial agents must be licensed, usually acquired by completing a test to sell insurance in your state.

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