Insurance for the driver

What these coverage’s…

The driver ‘s insurance is arguably one of the coverage’s within the auto insurance , which most significant may have in case of serious accident, since it covers the damage sustained by the driver of a vehicle if you have an accident than because of a third. In case of injury or temporary or permanent disability and will receive compensation in case of death, will benefit their families.

In addition to the driver’s insurance, we must also take into account the relevance of the legal expenses cover, which helps the insured to exercise in the best way possible their right to self-defense when accused by someone of causing damage or liability claims another person in court.

Finally, more car insurers include in their policies cover against Loss of license to meet the new standards of driver’s license points. One of the main advantages of this coverage under any policy of car insurance is to obtain compensation if the driving license as a result of infringements remaining points are lost. Such compensation covers the procedures, the rehabilitation course for new driving licenses as well as a monthly allowance during the period that the driver remains without a license.

Keys to rate this coverage

How much the insurer pays in compensation?

The main factor for assessing driver insurance is to know the amount of compensation that the insurer will pay if needed. Although nearly all insurance companies -Even insurance car online offer the possibility of adapting the insured capital, we have valued the standard conditions, as are those typically hire in most cases.

Explanatory example:

Imagine you lose control of your car, taking a sharp turn and end up in the ditch after giving several somersaults.

If you stay misfortune invalid and you can continue working, you are having hired a good safe driver you could correspond compensation of up to 189,000 €. A basic policy instead cover only 6,000 €, which undoubtedly is not a great help to get ahead.

How much is covered Legal Defense?

Legal Defense Coverage is included in virtually all insurers. However there are important differences in the amount offered by companies to meet any costs of defense, so it should be part of a good comparative insurance.

The amounts range from a clearly inadequate € 450 covered by the policies of Sunset up to 6,000 € covering policies Realer. However, it is common to find covers around 1,500 € for example in the case of Direct Felix ​​.

Explanatory example:

Imagine you have an accident and not get sign a friendly with the other party involved, since neither wants to take the blame for the accident. To go to trial with a lawyer who is not officially you should costarred fees. An insurer with basic coverage would help you with just 450 €, while good coverage would below the amount of 6,000 €.

Are you covered for the withdrawal of the card?

While this coverage has a degree of relevance relatively low compared to the rest, is valuable offer an insurance compensation in case of losing the license.

Each time will be more common to find insurers as egg Allianz Insurance, which include this coverage in their general conditioning, although many companies still offer this service only as an option, especially for those who are interested.

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